so you’re definitely gonna show up in person in CF?
I probably will help a bit behind- Since there’s quite a lot of ppl in my group helping already and I can’t stay too late over there it’s only pure luck you can catch*cough* find me on the spot.
Would you be selling them online or at cons only? ; v ;<3333
I’ll be selling in a little amount of it at con, not sure about online atm because I never done it before.

Done making the last set! + a photo of ARS as well.

Thanks for the waiting!

I think I’ve started to get the hang of using the colours now.

I’ve edited the colour of my previous requests as well.





I’m taking one more puyo puyo palette challenge request since I already have 9(including those I already done earlier) to make it 10 in total.

Send me an ask if there’s any other character you want or I didn’t draw often and the palette you choose.

**Edit: it’s already full, thanks!

I wish there’s more puyo puyo fans I could interact with in the overseas fandom.

I print out an A4 copy for display purpose.

I print out an A4 copy for display purpose.





This is something that was bugging me a little bit so, as always, I’ve decided to make an infograph. 

Maybe other artists disagree, but when I ask for a request, it’s a fun game. You give me a suggestion and I build on it. It’s a team project. You don’t know what you’re going to get.

If your request takes longer than 3 sentences to describe, it’s not a request. It’s a commission. It’s something so specific, the artist will essentially be working for your specific scene for free.

And of course - DO NOT REQUEST THAT AN ARTIST DRAW YOU SOMETHING if you don’t see that they are specifically accepting requests.

People have been requesting free art from us our whole lives. We’ve had plenty of that. If we want to draw you free stuff, we’ll let ya know. Don’t just assume we have free time - just like you wouldn’t come up to a doctor at a grocery store and ask them to examine your twisted ankle.

Unless you’re a person who does that… in which case… don’t do that either.

I’d like to remind people that this goes for writing requests, too.

And if an artist or writer has a list of “what I do/don’t do” then please respect that.

i’d also like to add that artists and writers have a right to deny requests they feel uncomfortable filling, for any reason. please don’t get mad at them, especially if no money is involved.

This. so this. all of this.

The puyo puyo characters I draw usually looks older than they really are… I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently.

… Sometime I wish I can draw moe style again.